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Re: Debian 1.2.2 and dependency on libc5 (>= 5.4.17-1)

Dale Scheetz:
> What we really need here is a set of volunteers who are dedicated to doing
> nothing but testing.

How about a debian "test" script, which in a properly functioning system
would exit successfully.  This should exercise cannonical features of
the package.

For interactive packages, it should take a --nointeractive flag to
suppress the interactive tests, and a --interactive flag to specifically
include just those tests.

For some cases, it might even try to print a reasonable diagnostic.

With this defined, dpkg could take a --test (and a --test--nointeractive)
argument and attempt to revert a package if it failed the tests.  Something
would have to be done to track the previously installed package as testing
can only happen after the package has been configured.  [No test script
means package automatically passes.]

Presumably, bug reporting on failed test scripts could also be automated,
perhaps with a maintainer supplied script to collect information relevant
to any outstanding bugs?  Or maybe that's too much featurism.

I dunno if this should wait till after 1.3


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