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Re: Future Debian CD plans

From: Nick Busigin <nick@xwing.xwing.org>
> I agree with Martin regarding potential confusion with "official" and
> "unofficial" versioning.  We already have enough people confused between
> buzz, rex, bo, stable, unstable, contrib, non-free, etc.. ;-)

I am really sorry I asked.

Guys, we are losing systems to SLACKWARE, for gosh sake, because they
are marketed so much better than we are.

We have to grow up. We are completely broke and I've been supporting
the project out of my pocket. We can't afford the legal help to
incorporate as a tax-exempt non-profit. We can't afford to pay for the
master FTP server. We can't advertise or send out publicity. It happens
that a good many people think we have a fine system, but we can't sustain
it this way.

We have waited TWO YEARS for another organization to put up commercial
support for Debian and a commercial product based on it. All we have
so far are gold CDs, and one of the gold CD vendors has serious problems
finding the staff to service it and the funds to continue production.
Let's face it guys, nobody is going to bet their business on us. We have
to do it ourselves.

Guys, this is really our last chance to make something of the system.
If we don't take steps now, the more professional Linux distributions are
going to walk all over us.


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