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/etc/network/options 2.4/sid on toshiba satellite [Fwd: kernel builds] [Fwd: Sound problem with NEC Versa VXi] [newbie] [pcmcia] Getting my PC card running w/DHCP (AFTER installation) [OT] reload files from disk Re: [SLUG] Dell Laptop with Potato RE: [tlinux-users:00964] maximum hard drive limitations? Re: [tlinux-users:00965] Re: maximum hard drive limitations? acer vs fujitsu (ultralights) Re: ailing gpm - thinkpad380ED ailing gpm - tp380ED ANN: Linux-Mobile-Guide v3.7 Re: apm APM under 2.4 Apple Titanium G4 success apt-get dist0upgrade wants to remove ipchains Badiane: CPU speed on my TP600X Badiane: make-kpkg PCMCIA conflict Broken slrnpull Can anyone get their hands on a Surecom EP-427X? Challenge: installing laptop from ? Compaq ArmadaE500 and the USB port compaq internet keys Re: Compaq Laptops and their Hard Compaq Laptops and their Hard Drives Compiling tulip driver configuring X and IrDa on ASUS A1 cron & anacron cs4281 sound card kernel errors Dell Inspiron 8000 Dell Laptop with Potato Dell Latitude C800 and NIC card. detect wrong processor speed? DGA Problems....(and other graphic stuff) dhcp with pcmcia Re: dhcp with pcmcia using pump dhcp, cable modems... Display errors on Sony Viao Dynalink 10BC ethernet pcmcia Extra `mouse' button on a Thinkpad T21 Re: FA510c update first experiences and problems french and czech keyboard together Friendliest Laptop?? Fujitsu C-Series Lifebook as Debian laptop? Gateway 2550 Gateway solo5300 Help - PCMCIA card disables serial port! help! Re: Help: Dell Inspiron 5000e X-Windows hibernation Horrible font on Toshiba 740CDT Hot keys on HP Pavilion How do I finish an install of X? ifup/ifdown Inspiron 8000 install in asony laptop vaio c1ve without cd-rom installing w/udma66 Integrated Mini-PCI ethnet/modem combo for Dell integrated modem on dell inspiron interesting apm stuff ioctl problem Jargon (Was: Re: Potato on a PORTA-PC P5-486/B&W) Re: Kernel 2.4.1 and PPP kernel 2.4.2 and pcmcia-cs kernel panic kernel-build, refined Re: laptop boot image? Laptop Recommendations level 2? Re: lie to apt Linksys EtherFast 10/100 CardBus PC Card (PCMCIA) Losing interrupts low memory debian maximum hard drive limitations? Mouse under X network and ppp configuration Network configuration conflicts with PCMCIA ethernet card no sound with kernel 2.4.2 Re: PCMCIA doesn't work anymore PCMCIA Ethernet Recommendation pcmcia network.opts pcmcia problem PCMCIA routing pcmcia sound card? PCMCIA support for Debian install Potato on a PORTA-PC P5-486/B&W potato to woody printer apsfilter or magicfilter Problem installing Dbian on a Dell Inspiron 8000 quality of postscript display Re: Quick-access buttons on Toshiba 2775XDVD? Resolution Under X - Dell Inspiron 7500 Runing cardctl from a normal account Schemes SDRAM for Dell Latitude c800 Re: Simple & Mouse with Debian on Vaio F340 slink, potato and what else SLR? SLP? what's that? SonyVAIO PCG-Z600NE MemoryStick Recognition sound blaster configuration?? Sound in a toshiba 490xcdt Suspend to disk partition on ThinkPad T20 Suspend to memory trouble on Vaio Z505S Switching keys around Thinkpad 600 sound Today's Challange Toshiba 490XCDT/2.4.2/Sid and modem Toshiba and Macintosh ! Toshiba Laptops and 12GB Drive toshiba satellite 100cs & suspend to disk? toshutils TP600X Module trouble. TrackPoint cursor problem TV tuner for a laptop Unidentified subject! update:pcmcia ethernet recommendation updated:pcmcia ethernet recommendation(again) :) upgrading to 'testing' failure Visual artifacts with XFree86 4.0.2-7 on a Sony VAIO PCG-735 Re: Weird sound problem WHERE Re: WHERE [are the docs] WHERE are the docs? wvlan_cs vs roamabout_cs w/ Cabletron RoamAbout 802.11 DS x configuration on sony vaio Re: X on Gateway solo5300 X setup roadblock XF86Setup&XF86Config + gnome doesn't start Re: XF86Setup&XF86Config + gnome doesn't start --solved Xfree 4 and Thinkpad 560 Xfree86 4.0.2 and external monitor Xfree86 4.0.2 on Sony Vaio F801 XFree86 on SiS 6300 Xircom Realport 10/100+56k RBEM56G-100 The Xircom RealPort Ethernet 10/100O+Modem 56 REM56-100 card... The last update was on 21:45 GMT Fri Jun 07. There are 504 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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