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Re: Xfree 4 and Thinkpad 560


I have an IBM Thinkpad 560 (not C, E, or Z) that
has a dual-scan screen, and even it can do 800x600
with 256 colors.  With an external monitor, the machine
is capable of a little more, but under Linux, I never
achieved 800x600 with 16M colors on a monitor.

I run XFree 3.something, and my machine has the Trident
9382/9385 chipset.

I never tried XFree 4, but if you are still having
problems, and want to run Linux on this (great) machine
at 800x600 I may be able to help a little.  I believe
the -20U model is more capable than mine, the -U10.

It really is a great, portable, and somewhat inexpensive
Linux machine!  If I find a better 560 model cheap enough
on Ebay, I'm going to grab another.

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