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Re: Badiane: CPU speed on my TP600X

On Tue, Mar 27, 2001 at 08:18:33AM -0800, Badiane Ka wrote:
> My CPU speed on my laptop shows up as 132MHz instead
> of 500MHz.  Does anyone know how I can reset it?

 Does it have speedstep or something?  You can probably change an option in
your BIOS to use full speed mode.

Boot up in such a way as to have the CPU running at full speed when it
checks the bogomips.  You can get big problems if the kernel things bogomips
is too low (since it will wait too short a time when CPU is running fast),
than if it is too high (kernel will wait too long when running at low CPU
speed.) Waiting too long is almost always safer than not waiting long
enough, for typical IO devices, so you should make sure the kernel sees the
high speed when it's calibrating.

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