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Suspend to memory trouble on Vaio Z505S


Since upgrading from potato to unstable a couple of weeks ago, I've had my
laptop die thrice while suspending.  I try to bring it back up, and it doesn't
respond unless I hold the power switch for the several seconds required to
cold-restart.  Once it didn't even respond to that- I could hear the hard
drive spinning, and had to unlpug the power supply and disconnect the battery,
then re-attach, before it would even cold-reboot!

I'd blame the hardware (especially for that last one), but the timing with my
unstable upgrade is too coincidental to ignore...  Before that it hadn't
crashed in over a year and a half!  (Two weeks after I bought it. :-)

Oh- running the 2.2r2 kernel, which is 2.2.18pre21.  Also, installed noflushd
when I upgraded, could that be the problem?

Thanks for any info you can provide,

-Adam P.

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