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Re: Gateway solo5300

On Thu, Mar 22, 2001 at 01:45:17AM -0500, Jing Shi wrote:
> Hello,  I just bought a used Gateway Solo5300 laptop and want to install
> Debain for my work.  However, this laptop comes with minimum
> documentation.  What I know is it's PIII600, 96mb RAM and 6GB HD.  The
> screen is 12" and 800x600.  Anyone has similar setup and with successful
> Debian installation?  Another question is the floppy and CD-ROM share

I have a Gateway 5300 but my specs are way different. can you give
provide us with a full list of specs?

> one bay and are hot swappable.  How does Debian support it?

The support needs to be in the kernel. you'll only be able to hotswap
(from memory) if you boot with the cdrom in the drive first. there needs
to be a way to notify the kernel's ide drivers that they should rescan
the ide bus and configure for a new err... config. :)

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