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Re: Friendliest Laptop??

> > Thinkpads are the main ones I have been looking at. But they still
> > run _hot_, so they're totally unsuitable for me. For other people,
> > great. But it fails one of my requirements. I'm not sure about how durable
> > the case is, either, but it seems pretty strong.
> > 
> > The Fujitsu LX(T|S) (http://www.dynamism.com/lx) look nice, too, but I
> > doubt their cases would be at all durable.
Is that the new one with the Crusoe in it?

Providing context for "durable" - is that when you carry it around (consider
one of those cases made out of wetsuit material?) or when it's out?

Are you expecting it to get nailed on the head by the airline seat in front
of you?  Maybe you should consider machines with smaller screens, as long as
the still serve up enough pixels and colors.

> My current Thinkpad is a 390X (2626-JNU), PII 400, 6 gig hd, lucent winmodem,
> 15.1 TFT screen, usb, cdrom/floppy.  I have not noticed it running hot, 
> except when I throw it in my carring case to run home or to work.  I have used
> it on my lap quite often without it getting hot (warm yes).  It is very heavy,
> but that is quite acceptible once you see the screen.  It does have a small
> fan on the left side of the keyboard that jets out warmer air.  The wonderful
> people at Lucent have a binary only kernel module for the modem, but I have 
> not gotten it to work.  Other than that, I have no complaints about this TP. 

linmodems.org has some nice pointers to updates for the LTmodem support, incl.
2.4 kernels.

My thinkpad 560E has a moderately tough case but has a genetic defect in its 
floppy bay.  It only gets warm on the bottom if run continuously for a long 
while - although I should warn you, that I enjoy warmth and if you are 
sensitive, our mileages might vary a lot.  I've never scorched myself on it 
nor on any card pulled from it.  p.s. 560's are antiques.  Get a newer model :)

The Magio grows a small warm spot in the space between its two battery bays
(I assume part of the power chain inside) but (1) since there is a slight
curve to the bottom that's always slightly raised from tables (2) it's never
melted a spot on anything (3) it's so tiny, you could easily fit a pillow 
under it.  That won't affect the fan either, it's not on the bottom.
(4) too bad it's not available unless you get lucky on eBay.

Most of the ultralights I've played with are running cool these days, 
apparently for the semi-obvious reason that they have less parts inside 
at all.  The battery connection site and your hard disk area will be the
warm spots to look at.  There's an app called "cpuburn" which you could
run on a machine... when I was at Tuxtops we used it to force duds past
the bathtub curve so we could send them back early... but believe me,
you learn how hot a machine is capable of getting after giving it even
a few hours of that.

Well, anyway, good luck in your quest.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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