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Mouse under X


usually Laptops have only two mouse buttons (near touchpad or something
else).  I noticed that under gpm at console the right button works as
paste and I like this so far (don't know why - havn't explicitely done
something to enforce this - but it's fine).
Unfortunately under X this isn't the case.  Under XF 3.3.? I used
emulate3buttons but wasn't very happy about that.  After installing
XFree 4.0.2 from testing I noticed that the emulate3buttons option
was not included in /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 by the config utility called
via debconf.  Well, I think I can manage it using xf86config by
hand, but this isn't the question.
I wonder if there is any clue to use the damn Win-Keys on the keyboard
to toggle mouse behaviour (I have heard Mac-Users do so to cope with
the single mouse button - never used such a box).  Did somebody the
trick to get the following behaviour working:
   <Mouse-Left>: mark
   <Win>+<Mouse-Left>: paste
Currently my Win-Keys do nothing at all (whished I would have bigger
<ctrl>/<alt> keys and no Win-key at all :-( - but if they are here, why
not using them).

Kind regards


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