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Re: X setup roadblock

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Johnston <paul.johnston4@sympatico.ca> writes:

Paul> I'm setting up an X server on a VAIO PictureBook and not for the
Paul> first time I might add.  The only modeline value for this machine
Paul> is 1024x480.  On xinit I get a Fatal servor error: No valid modes
Paul> found.  Tracing back up the display I find the SVGA server has
Paul> removed that mode claiming it won't display properly on LCD
Paul> (strange as it's worked fine before) .  Where do I go now?  Is
Paul> there an incantation I can place in the XF86Config to get around
Paul> this or go to another rev of the server?

Hmm.  Do you have the right refresh rates (HorizSync and VertRefresh
options)?  Aside from that, I dunno.  You could try posting your
XF86Config and see if someone can figure it out based on that.  Maybe a
dump of X's logs.  Also, which version of X are you using?


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