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Re: PCMCIA support for Debian install

I recently did something similar to this, although I used a network
install instead of a CDROM. I downloaded the rescue disk, the kernel
disk, and all 4 driver disks from here: (6 disks isn't too bad)

After that I was able to install Base and everything else through my
PCMCIA network card. I believe something similar should work for the

Hope that helps,

++ 08/03/01 20:20 -0500 - Paul Johnston:
> I am attempting to install Debian on a Sony VAIO PictureBook w/o a
> bootable CDROM drive.  I have an Addonics Pocket CD98 drive running thru
> the PCMCIA slot.  I'm unable to find a PCMCIA boot image I can load onto
> a diskette (as is available w. Mandrake).  Does anyone know where I can
> source one of these or do a workaround?
> Thanks,  Paul Johnston
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