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Suspend to disk partition on ThinkPad T20

Hi all,

I've recently started fixing some remaining glitches on my T20, and
couldn't quite solve them the way I planned. Here they are:

- Has anyone managed to successfully persuade BIOS to use suspend to
disk partition instead of file on FATXX ( active ?? ) partition ? The
file size with decent amount of RAM on T20 drives the allocation unit on
FAT16 considerably.

- Has anyone KDE 2.1 (sid) seamlessly working with Savage driver under X
4.02 from woody ? With the most recent version ( 1.1.15 ) from Tim
Roberts ( www.probo.com/timr/savage40.html ) kwin crashes with all
depths excpet for 8 bpp. Previous version worked but lost the mouse upon

( this one is slightly OT, I know, but T20 has very ugly looking fonts
on regular console )
- how to compile in the vesa framebuffer support in recent 2.4.x kernels
? The code is definitely in, but I could not find the option when
running 'make menuconfig' to turn it on ... 



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