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Re: Losing interrupts

a.mohr@mailto.de (Andreas Mohr) writes:

> Make sure you don't have any strange hdparm settings causing lost
e> interrupts at resume due to hardware <-> kernel settings mismatch.

I haven't done any special hdparm settings, but after some careful
experimenting with -S (even setting it to off) there was no

I persued my suspicions about APM, though, and won big. I turned off
CONFIG_APM_DO_ENABLE and, note especially,
CONFIG_APM_CPU_IDLE. Apparently, having the kernel doing CPU Idle
calls confused my Thinkpad 570 so much that it sometimes wouldn't spin
up the HDD when leaving suspended mode.

Mikael "MC" Cardell <mc@hack.org>
Defender of the Sacred GNU, Temple of the Moby Hack

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