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Re: updated:pcmcia ethernet recommendation(again) :)

On Fri, Mar 23, 2001 at 04:32:50PM -0800, Donnie Jones wrote:
> I've found another pcmcia ethernet card and I would
> like to ask if anyone has had any problems, success,
> or whatnot.
> Sorry to keep bothering the list with a dull topic,
> but I have already bought one pcmcia ethernet card,
> the IBM etherjet, and I had later found out the
> drivers for it are crap.
> Here it is:
> D-Link DFE-680TX 10/100Mbps PCMCIA 32bit CardBus
> www.ecost.com/ecost/shop/detail.asp?DPNo=939098
> Thanks again for all the help....
> Donnie


...donno about the dlink.  my only experience was going
down to the local comp usa and getting a generic 10mbps
card for ~$30, which worked "outta" the box, in 3
different laptops (from clones to the outlandish sony 
picturebook), and on kernels 2.0.36 to 2.4.0!  

the box just says, "pcmcia network pc card for
notebooks. ...complies to ieee 802.3 10base-t ethernet
and pcmcia release 2.1...  system requirements:

oh, yeah, ...about the dongle...seems to be
sturdy enough but i pamper my tools (computers, cars,
etc.) so that part of it hasn't been put through
anything too severe.


bentley taylor.


open source is the best source.  linux.

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