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Re: dhcp, cable modems...

On Thu, Mar 01, 2001 at 06:27:22PM -0800, Jason Victor wrote:
> I'm trying to configure my cable modem to work with
> Linux. I'm using Optimum Online. I have a couple of
> questions. First of all, is my ethernet card working
> if i type dmesg and see something about "eth0: Xircom
> CardBus." That is the NIC i have. second, i've been
> trying to connect with dhcpcd, and can't figure it
> out. i set up dhcpcd to work on eth0, and type ifup
> eth0, and it says "ignoring unknown interface eth0."
> i'm stuck. by the way, it sits at the starting dhcp:
> thing for a long time.

 Run ifconfig -a to see if eth0 exists or not.  If it does, you just need to
get the right stuff to use it.  If it doesn't, then you need to config your
pcmcia and modules stuff to set it up.

 You might want to try doing things by hand, i.e. running 
pump -i eth0
 (dhcpcd is obsolete; It's been removed from Debian because it is
irreparably full of bugs and security holes.  It still works, though, and
it has a similar command line option.  Note that pump will log everything it
does to syslog.  Take a look if anything goes wrong.)

 You say that dhcpcd hangs for a long time.  Try running tcpdump while you
run dhcpcd.  (This may not work too well, since the interface will be down
when you start, unless you assign a bogus address to it.  Also, dhcpcd will
take down the interface tcpdump is sniffing on...)  See if you're getting
any response.

 If pump (or dhcpcd) works, then your problem is in configuring the high
level tools like ifup.  I personally never bother with them on my desktop
machines, and rewrite /etc/init.d/networking to run ifconfig, route, and
ipchains the way I like.  (I haven't finished hacking the pcnet-cs driver to
support my Surecom EP-427X for my laptop :(.  However, if you just want
something simple that works, stick with ifup I guess.

> i am using storm linux (basically debian 2.2) is there
> any way to use the storm administration system to do
> this? there is an option to set up eth0 with dhcp. i
> need 2 give it a hostname... where do i get that?

 DHCP can pass a hostname to the DHCP server.  Rogers@Home in Ontario uses
this: they give you a host name to use when you sign up, and you have to
supply that for their DHCP server to answer.  Other providers, like Eastlink
in Nova Scotia, don't require this, and just check the ethernet MAC address.

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