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Re: 2.4/sid on toshiba satellite

On Fri, Mar 09, 2001 at 12:05:19PM -0800, Jim Nutt wrote:
> Drew Parsons writes:
>  > I'm now having problems with sound on 2.4.2 too.  2.4.1 worked fine, same as
>  > all preceding versions.  I have a 490CDT, thats a Yamaha YMF719 chip
>  > (OPL-SA3), is that what you have?
>  > 
> There's a bug in the code. I patched mine and made it work right (I
> have a 490XCDT, same chip). Change line 917 of opl3sa2.c to read:
> 	 if (!isapno) {
> and it should work again. I think this is fixed in the 2.4.3 pre
> series but haven't verified it yet. I sent a patch to the maintainer.

Ah good!

Did it autodetect using pnp or will I have to set isapnp=0 ?


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