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Re: install in asony laptop vaio c1ve without cd-rom

> On Sun, Mar 04, 2001 at 12:45:07AM +0100, GENIS MADRIA JOSEP wrote:
> > Hello, i need help with installing debian in the vaio sony c1ve. There was an error option but it was too expensive.. I didn't buy the sony cd-rom to boot. 
> Who needs this anyway ? :)
I don't think the debian standard floppy setup knows how to deal with USB 
floppies, or USB ethernet for that matter.  For you that's a big problem.

> But I guess I'm wrong with this. Your problem is how to get the *USB* floppy
> to work for booting it, right ?
> I guess I don't have a single idea then...
> Andreas Mohr

If you have 'net access you could get tomsrtbt, drop in a kernel kit that
has USB support (even if you have to build it from kernel.org sources
elsewhere) then boot from that - 

	As you can see this is getting to be not for the timid, but it 
	*can* be done...

use the tomsrtbt (which is now in memory) to repartition the drive, mke2fs
and mkswap the parts.  mount up the fresh disks the way you like them, 
establish your net connection, find the 15 MB+ size Debian Base tarball, 
drop it in, drop your kernel kit in from the tomsrtbt stuff (don't forget
your modules!) and then chroot into the new space to edit /etc/fstab so
it's correct, /etc/lilo.conf so it reflects your new setup, run /sbin/lilo

I think you will end up wanting to mv /sbin/setup.sh to another name so
it will roll through when you boot.  It may want more handholding too after 
that but that should probably work.

Systems with only a floppy are hard enough.  I agree that Sony's prices 
(at least at my local store) for the CD option are dreadful.  Go to the
USB add-ons aisle and get any CD or CDRW bay there you want.  You can
probably get a fast RW for the price of the mere R they wanted to sell you.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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