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Re: Today's Challange

> G'Day !
> Thank you all for your responses .. I pretty sure I can do it now. 
> I think you all went off on a tangent ... The computers I'm setting up 
> only have a Motherboard and video card and harddrive, so the only possible 
> way to boot is off the harddrive.  (Without the purchase of additional 
> hardware  ;-)
> cheers,
> Jim Parker

Ah, well, in that case, go get an IDE-PCMCIA (or USB or firewire) bay, and
use your nearby laptop to give it the installation, then put it back...

You'd probably need a desktop-laptop adapter (3.5" IDE to 2.5" IDE) since
most of the portable solutions are focussed on laptop users, so many only
handle laptop class drives.

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