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Re: SDRAM for Dell Latitude c800

>         I have a Dell Latitude C800.
>         I currently have only 128mb of SDRAM.
>         I have been told by some mates of mine that I could just purchase
>         generic Laptop SDRAMS eg. 128mb approximately for $100AUD.
>         is that true, or do I have to buy DELL specific RAM?
>         if anyone has any experience with this, please let me know.

I would consult first the technical documentation on Dell web site, note
what type of memories your model can accept ( Bus clock speed is
important ). With those restrictions you should be able to use generic
SDRAM module. I think C800 may use the same modules as CPx: up to

I considered bying a somewhat slower generic 128MB 4 months ago, but at
this time Dell offered it for lower! price ( ~$70 ), so I went fot it. 
I remember I had a problem with generic memory in my old Latitude LM, it
recognised only half of the memory installed, but I managed to return
it. When I bought another pair ( by different manufacturer ) and it
worked fine.   


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