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Re: Suspend to disk partition on ThinkPad T20

> On Tue, 13 Mar 2001, Heather wrote:
> >
> > It also needs the correct preamble 

> I didn't recommend lphdisk as its for phoenix bioses.  You probably will
> find that the thinkpad bios will just ignore a lphdisk formated partition.
> I was running on the complete off chance that the BIOS would "notice" the
> partition and do something about it.  Although 99% *unlikely* its always
> worth a try when times get desperate.

The problem with hibernation volumes is they need the correct preamble.

lphdisk has surprised its author a few times and worked with a few things
he thought it wouldn't - tho yes, they always turned out to be somebody 
oem'ing phoenix code.

> As an alternative (I just thought of) you could use the kernel patch to do
> hibernation.  I can't remember the URL but if you cannot find it I'll dig
> it out :)

The keyword you want to search on is "swsusp" or "software suspend".  There
was a long discussion on it several months ago in this list, so searching 
the debian archives would be a good starter.

It was designed to help people who have 386 and 486 laptops that predated
suspend features, but, it also is claimed to just work, if your own are 
being bogus.

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