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Re: PCMCIA routing

I ran into a problem and I thought you might be interested in that

My situation is this:
I have two NICs plus a wireless network card that I'm trying to
configure together so that my box can act as a wireless access
point when the PCMCIA card is inserted.

Under normal conditions when you insert the pcmcia card into a box
that already has one present you get a routing table with two
entries for default network gateways.  Something like this:

Destination    Gateway      Genmask   <<--This is a Network
Card   <<--This is a PCMCIA

I have changed to code in /etc/pcmcia/network script to address
this as follows:

At approximately line 125 there is:
test "$GATEWAY" && /sbin/route add default gw $GATEWAY metric 1
I have modified that into two lines as follows:

test "$GATEWAY" && test "$NETWORK" $$ /sbin/route add $NETWORK gw
$GATEWAY metric 2
test "$GATEWAY" && test ! "$NETWORK" $$ /sbin/route add default gw
$GATEWAY metric 2

I personally changed the metric from 1 to 2 for not really good
reason  as nothing I have uses metrics anyway.
But considering that I use a FastEthernet connection on everything
and my Wireless card is a 2MB, it made sense to raise the metric
value somewhat.  That's arbitrary in my opinion.

In any event.  I would appreciate it if someone could look this
over and let me know if I'm sane on this change.
I downloaded the pcmcia version this morning (version .25?) so I
think it is applicable.

I have found this problem/fix on Slackware 7.1, Debian/stable, and

This patch allows me to use this box as a Wireless access point or
Wireless gateway/firewall.

Tom Allison

Michael Bauer wrote:
> Hi TOM
> > If my card is my typical routing ends up where
> > everything is routed through this interface.
> > I want to be selective down to only and leave the
> > default routing to another interface.
> > The problem is that I want to have two routing defaults:
> > goes to
> > everything else goes to
> in my /etc/pcmcia/network.opts I got the line GATEWAY=""
> AsFarAsIKnow this is the solution to your problem. comment that line or
> set your gateway in.
> mihi
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