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PCMCIA Ethernet Recommendation

Donnie Jones writes:
 > As you've probably had on here many times already by
 > other users, I am asking for some recommendations for
 > an inexpensive reliable pcmcia ethernet card for
 > debian.  Any information would be great.

I picked up a newmedia 10/100 card for $60 at Fry's here in San Jose,
it's NE2000 compatible and the best part is, no dongle! It's got a
small extension on the end of the card that the cable plugs into. I
had to add a file to /etc/pcmcia containing the following as
"newmedia.conf", once that was done it was recognized and works
great. And did I mention, there's no dongle?

---- cut here "newmedia.conf"
card "iPort"
  manfid 0x0274, 0x1103
  bind "pcnet_cs"
---- cut here


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