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Re: X on Gateway solo5300

I tried to install Debian yesterday.  The biggest problem came from X setup.  At
first I couldn't get it work because there is no XF86_SVGA server--only VGA16.
Then I found one online(from Bill Richardson's site) and installed it.  It
worked but gave very bad color resolution and font size--I know my monitor is
only 800x600, but even though it should not looks such badly.  The worst thing
is I couldn't use X-window doing login.  The mechine dose not recoganize the
root password I typed in.  I don't know why.
Anyone has success in X setup?  My video card is Savage IX w/MV and monitor
resolution is 800x600.

CaT wrote:

> On Thu, Mar 22, 2001 at 01:45:17AM -0500, Jing Shi wrote:
> > Hello,  I just bought a used Gateway Solo5300 laptop and want to install
> > Debain for my work.  However, this laptop comes with minimum
> > documentation.  What I know is it's PIII600, 96mb RAM and 6GB HD.  The
> > screen is 12" and 800x600.  Anyone has similar setup and with successful
> > Debian installation?  Another question is the floppy and CD-ROM share
> I have a Gateway 5300 but my specs are way different. can you give
> provide us with a full list of specs?
> > one bay and are hot swappable.  How does Debian support it?
> The support needs to be in the kernel. you'll only be able to hotswap
> (from memory) if you boot with the cdrom in the drive first. there needs
> to be a way to notify the kernel's ide drivers that they should rescan
> the ide bus and configure for a new err... config. :)
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