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Re: ailing gpm - tp380ED

G'Day !

1)  I do not use GNOME, but gpm and X do not mix.  If you you run X do not run gpm.  Gpm is mouse driver/utilites for consoles (CLI) so it is not needed unless you do a lot of work in your virtual consoles, like me  ;-)

2)  What kind of CD's ?  You can mount data cd's with iso9660 with M$ jolliet extentions in Linux no problem.  Any windows executibles will probably not work unless you recompile them.

Jim Parker

Sailboat racing is not a matter of life and death ....  It is far more important than that !!!

Jan Hearthstone <hearthstone11@yahoo.com>

03/28/01 01:16 PM

        To:        debian-laptop@lists.debian.org
        Subject:        ailing gpm - tp380ED

  Dear all,
I just managed to install my Debian2.2 on my
thinkpad380ED, and this is happenning: my mouse went
crazy and I fixed it, somewhat, by (after reading the
man pages) running the command - "gpm -k" (the
"killall gpm" worked also, but the window console in
Gnome started multiplying every time I'd click the
left mouse button). My question is - what is the
ailment? How to cure it? (It doesn't go away with
 Next one: is there any way I can run CD-ROM's meant
for Windows on Debian? (I really miss my talking
dictionary, or  - is there one for Linux?).
 Thanks, sincerely - Mr. Jan Hearthstone.

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