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Re: Friendliest Laptop??

> Heather wrote:
> > Improve the criteria please, do you mean "current models I can buy with
> > a manufacturer's warranty" ?  Also what sort of "friendly" features are
> > you looking for?
> Sorry I was a bit fuzzy on that one. A new one. PIII-800 Mhz or around
> there. Right now it's a standoff between Dell and Toshiba...
That's vendors, not features, but it should be really easy to find something
with a fast CPU.
> > LAPTOP Magazine, lists in its charts at the back a number of vendors
> > including a column showing their sound chip and video chip.  These might
> > not be at the level of detail we'd really enjoy but if you've been keeping
> > up one which chipsets are a pain, it could keep you out of trouble.
> Cool I'll check this out.

Yes, I found it useful for telling me which systems don't even have IR on 
them anymore.  
> > Also, some vendors actaully preload with Linux - while admittedly these
> > are usually RedHat, you can look at the configs, copy off any modules
> > or services that support proprietary annoyances, and then use them in
> > your debian kit.  Or be an RH/Debian dual boot :D
> Any vendor in particular (I'm in Canada)
> Thanks!
> Yannick

Vendors right off the top of my head:  Ascentia (sp?), Imperial, Kachinatech
(but the model they sell is far slower than you want), Dell if you twist their
arm, ARM Computer.  I'm sure there are a few more, maybe I'll bother to 
look at the hardware howto and narrow it down sometime.

It looks like the site http://www.linuxareus.com/preloadedlinux.htm is 
maintained by a Canadian.  Lots more stuff there than I have time to 
look into at the moment (though I bookmarked it).  Good luck.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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