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Re: maximum hard drive limitations?

On Thursday 08 March 2001 21:59, Heather wrote:
> 2) The BIOS may have trouble addressing larger disks, if it was made in an
>    era when all drives were smaller.  Under Linux this usually isn't a
>    problem, as long as the kernel is within recognizable "low" disk space
>    for LILO.  After we hit the kernel we leave the real BIOS behind
> forever.

The LILO in woody has capabilities that LILO in Potato lacks in this regard.  
Also 2.4.x kernels have more capabilities than 2.2.x kernels for recognising 
larger hard drives.

> It should.  If you are unafraid of opening your machine, see if the drive
> is a precise, tight fit, or has 1mm to spare.  The drive itself will have a
> model number on it.  You should be able to hit the search engines with that
> and determine if it is an 8.5mm or 9.5mm drive.

I would be hesitant about inserting drives that are a tight fit.  I've got 
one setup like that now, it gets excessively hot on occasions and if I lean 
on the corner of my Thinkpad where the drive resides then it makes a funny 
sound (not sure if it's the drive or a cooling fan - it's scarey anyway).

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