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dhcp, cable modems...

I'm trying to configure my cable modem to work with
Linux. I'm using Optimum Online. I have a couple of
questions. First of all, is my ethernet card working
if i type dmesg and see something about "eth0: Xircom
CardBus." That is the NIC i have. second, i've been
trying to connect with dhcpcd, and can't figure it
out. i set up dhcpcd to work on eth0, and type ifup
eth0, and it says "ignoring unknown interface eth0."
i'm stuck. by the way, it sits at the starting dhcp:
thing for a long time.

i am using storm linux (basically debian 2.2) is there
any way to use the storm administration system to do
this? there is an option to set up eth0 with dhcp. i
need 2 give it a hostname... where do i get that?
anyway, if anyone has any advice for me, i'd really
appreciate it.

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