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Re: DGA Problems....(and other graphic stuff)

> My graphics card is a Trident Cyber 9397...
> anyone have any suggestions on how to setup SVGAlib for my laptop, so I
> don't get the *very* scary melt/streak screen of destruction?

You need to edit the file /etc/vga/libvga.config.

In *theory* it should autodetect your card but in *practice* it does a 
poor job.  There are numerous lines below commented out that list the
magic names of the chipsets.  In your case I'd try TVGA and if that doesn't
work use VESA.

I don't have direct experience with that Trident flavor to know which it 
will be, but I can tell you that on my CT65555 I had to explicitly say "VESA"
and then JPEGs stopped causing whiteouts.

Until that I got out of whiteouts by issuing a request to change to a text
console (blind), suspending the box, and reawakening, because on mine that
seems to issue a video reset.

> thanks for any help you can give me
> Alex
> PS.  this is not being done for movies (although it would be nice, I know
> I flamed about linux/multimedia a few weeks back), its more so that I can
> squeeze a littl' more battery time out of my laptop :)

I also changed /etc/inittab so that runlevel 2, the default, only launches
2 text console gettys and has more in higher runlevels.  That way I don't
waste CPU ticks on gettys I don't need.  Likewise I don't use xdm so X is
only running if I explicitly issue startx.  And I have another runlevel (4)
reserved to turn on all the networking things, eg. localhost webserver,
sendmail, etc.

Plus, anytime I'm not using my pccards I run 'cardctl eject' after resume.
Or, you can doctor /etc/apm/event.d/pcmcia to honor a new keyword besides
"suspend" and "eject" that always ejects on suspend, but doesn't insert the
cards on resume.  Don't forget one you have a new word to tell it to use 
the new plan, in /etc/pcmcia/apm.opts.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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