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Re: quality of postscript display

--- Steven K Thompson <skt@stat.psu.edu> wrote:
> I have Debian 2.2r2 on a Vaio F340 laptop.  When I view a
> postscript file with gv, the type is broken and hard to
> read on the display.  This is true for example when I try 
> to view files in the Debian documentation that are provided
> in postscript form, such as debian-guide, and is also true
> when I have created the postscript file myself with dvips.
>   In contrast, the type is very clear
> for example when viewing a latex dvi file with xdvi.
> Would my problem have to do with the fonts used in the
> postscript file or something quite different?

I believe that there is a parameter in gv that would help you
(unfortunately I running WNT at the moment), try one of the menus for
something like 'Media' and 'Display settings'.  Try tweaking
text/graphics alpha there...


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