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Dynalink 10BC ethernet pcmcia


I'm trying to make a PCMCIA ethernet Dynalink 10BC card work on a 2100CDS
Toshiba laptop running debian 2.2r2 (also mandrake 7.2). The pcmcia services
starts with no errors. 'cardctl ident gives me no information about the card
(not even the name). 'cardctl status' tells me that there's a 16 bit card
waiting on the bus.

The card itself is a ne2000 clone and works perfectly under windows. I tried
to modprobe pcnet_cs, it loads with no errors, but it doesn't work.
I manually bind the driver like this (in /etc/pcmcia/config):

card "Dynalink 10BC"
function network_adapter
bind "pcnet_cs"

and tried this one too:

card "Dynalink 10BC"
version "*"
bind "pcnet_cs"

Sometimes "cardctl ident" give me the name of my card, but I have no clue

Any idea's?


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