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Re: [Fwd: kernel builds]

>>>>> "tom" == tom  <tallison@telocity.com> writes:
>>>>> "tom" == tom  <tallison@telocity.com> writes:

tom> I must have missed something earlier and I can't find it.

tom> If I build a kernel image I use:
tom> make-kpkg clean
tom> make-kpkg --revision=010327.1 kernel_image
tom> (My version format is YYMMDD.x)

tom> and everything chunks away and is fine.
tom> But when I attempt 
tom> dpkg -i ../kernel-image...

tom> Do I have to reinstall the pcmcia modules that are in
tom> /usr/src/modules/pcmcia-cs/ ?

make-kpkg modules_image
from the kernel source tree.

dpkg -i ../kernel-image... ../pcmcia-modules...


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