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Re: Help: Dell Inspiron 5000e X-Windows

Heather wrote:

Besides, Debian GNU/Linux automatically starts the X server at boot time also gave me a headache.

take the symlink for xdm, kdm, gdm (any of these) out of your runlevel 2
area (/etc/rc2.d/).  I like to create a disabled directory under there
and move them in - makes them easy to "activate" by moving them up a level
again, and the word "disabled" doesn't start with an S or a K and confuse

Thanks, this trick does it. Probably Debian GNU/Linux can adopt the same strategy as used in Red Hat and ask the user whether to boot the system in X-windows mode or not, even when the X-windows works.

I'm try to see whether your conf file works for me soon!


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