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Re: compaq internet keys

On Mon, Mar 26, 2001 at 10:50:14AM -0800, Alan Chen wrote:
> BTW, I think you might need to be in a non-X console for showkey to
> work.

 Yes, of course.
> I have similiar keys on my HP laptop, but I haven't gotten to
> work yet.  Talking to the author of the keyboard howto, if showkey
> doesn't respond to keypresses for your "zone" keys, you might need to
> play with some kernel code to see if the kernel is even receiving data
> for those buttons via the kb interface.

 You can see if pressing them makes anything at all happen, by looking at
the interrupt counters in /proc/stat.  Run
watch -n1 grep intr /proc/stat
and press the keys.  If any interrupt counters other than the timer (irq 0),
ethernet, and disk (and anything else that generates interrupts by itself)
go up, then you've got something.
The first number after intr is the total of all interrupts, the numbers
after are the counts for irq0, irq1, ...

 BTW, this will work even if there is no driver using that IRQ, which is
necessary for /proc/interrupts to show it.

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