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Re: Friendliest Laptop??

> G'Day !
> I think my last posting bounced, so If this is a repeat ...
> Ocean PC sells waterproof / shockproof PC's / Laptops to the boating comunity.
> They are kind-of expensive though.
At first glance all they have is "marketers specs" -- you'll have to call them
to find out anything useful like the weight, what video chipset that "8 Mb AGP"
video card is, etc.  

Almost no vendor knows useful things about their machines like how cool they 
run, or how long a battery takes to charge to full from being dry as a bone.

Expect to spend about 4500 (more if you like accessories) on your laptop and 
the model to be about a pound or two heavier than its similarly configured
"normal" brethren if you go for shock protection.

My Apple-using friends with laptops all tell me that their notebooks can
really take a beating.

> cheers,
> Jim Parker
> Sailboat racing is not a matter of life and death ....  It is far more 
> important than that !!!


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