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Re: Today's Challange

> > 	* fix /etc/lilo.conf to be correct & run /sbin/lilo;
> > 	  alternatively setup a dif't boot method (floppy, or loadlin)
> Don't forget to set the bootdev to to the HD you're setting up.

Yes -- this is contained in "correct" and in the original post, I was 
consierably more verbose.

If you intend to boot from the HD the boot dev is the device with NO NUMBER
if you want LILO to be in the master boor record.  You can point it to a
partition explicitly and in fact, if you're only using LILO's second stage,
I think you want to.  (eg using GAG or some other GUI bootloader).  NT people
get special problems, you need a copy of lilo put in a file which you cut to
size ahead of time.  (Tho I deal so little with NT that that had been someone
else's to say, not mine, the first time around.)

And if you want to boot from floppy or not at all -- perhaps as a security
measure? -- then make sure a floppy is in, and use boot=/dev/fd0

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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