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Re: Laptop Recommendations

> Just as a warning I started by purchasing a used cheap notebook, it
> was a IBM ThinkPad 760EL that I purchased from a used computer store cheap.
> The problem is I got addicted to the concept of portable computer and had
> to have a newer, faster, and better notebook so I now own a ThinkPad A20M.
> The ThinkPad A20M is great and I can not imagine life with out it!  If this
> is something you are going to use alot you may want to purchase a new laptop.

Also in the category of general recommendations, just mentally add 1.5 pounds
to whatever they say the silly thing weighs.  Otherwise you'll find that
its carrying case and your power adapter and other toys you enjoy carrying
with it weigh a lot more than you had in mind!

My first laptop was a p60 which ran hot (see "fastest CPU for its time").
It also was quite heavy, which I decided wasn't too bad after a few months
of carrying around the Computer Shopper Guide like it was the JCPenney 
xmas wish book or something.  I didn't realize its power brick was heavy too.
And if I wanted an extra battery, another brick!

And, while it's possible it's a real pain to replace the keyboard.  So if
you can get your hands on the model you're considering, esp. if your hands
are large... it's a good idea to try out a little typing on the beast 
before committing your hands to live with it.

If you get a lightweight with external CD, consider just buying your own
external CD bay, if it's USB driven - you can probably save a bunch;  you
could even get a CDRW instead.  Just surf the iMac aisle comparing the 
optional drive to the iMac boxed products.  Someone I know recently saved 
themselves almost $200 to get a faster drive.

Now, in the category of debian recommendations...

Sound is really popular but lots of our questions are folks trying to spin
up sound the first time; with 3 ways to do it (but only one right per machine)
it really is a pain.  I've seen CS4281's appearing a lot lately and they use
a "normal" kernel module so I would gravitate towards it, if shown a bunch
of otherwise equivalent laptops.

I've not enough experience with the recent video chips to be sure of any good 
ones to really shoot for, (e.g rocking fast X 4 support, etc.) but the ATI 
Mobility family should be a safe bet if you feel lost.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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