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Re: Suspend to disk partition on ThinkPad T20

> Thanks everyone.
> I'll got my new kernel compiled with framebuffer support. Yes, I have
> played with vga=ask parameter - T20 just doens't like those old EGA
> modes ...
> I've not tried the TextSVGA package, it didn't look promising since the
> Savage IX card has been supported for about 5 months ( and only works 8
> bpp with KDE 2.1 from sid ).

I think TextSVGA depends on SVGAlib being set up properly?

Tell it VESA as the chiptype.  Even my old beastie had "too new" a chipset
to be properly detected by SVGAlib... until I did this, JPEGs would do the
White Screen of Scaring You (can't be 'death', the machine didn't actually
die, but I had to quit zgv and change consoles blind, then suspend and 
resume to get a video reset - creepy).  

It should also be able to take modelines, similar to those you might give
to X 3.3.6, in otder to avoid doing anything boneheaded.

> As for the hibernation partition, I'll investigate it further following
> Russel's suggestion to look at BIOS NVRAM. So far I have played with
> lphdisk, modified it to support any primary partition, but BIOS remained
> completely oblivious to its existence. I'm wondering how much Phoenix
> remained in T20 BIOS, IBM may have limited its original functionality.
> E.g Dell provides it's own utility to handle the hibernation partition
> for Latitude notebooks, supporting multiple data chunks together( like
> partition + file ), the partition type is not A0H, but 84H. 

(hastily checking the tpctl package to see if that looks like any help...)
Um, that's no good, it knows how to tell it so, but not how to make it go.

Les likely limited, more likely "replaced with less buggy" ... say, IBM 
says they're so hot to support Linux, why don't we ask them what we're 
supposed to used since lphdisk isn't doing it.

I suppose you could try just changing lphdisk's A0 partition to type 84
and see if it zips onward.  On the boxes lphdisk was written *for*, that
would make the hibernate volume disappear...

> Thanks again
> Jacek

Best of luck

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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