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Re: kernel-build, refined

Le Wed, Mar 28, 2001 at 06:42:37AM -0500, tom a écrit:
> Here's the commands and messages:
> #make-kpkg --revision=c01030281 kernel_image
> #dpkg -i ../kernel-image-2.2.18_c0103281_i386.deb
> dpkg: regarding .../kernel-image-2.2.18_c0103281_i386.deb
> containing kernel-image-2.2.18
>  pcmica-modules-2.2.18 conflicts with kernel-image-2.2.18
> (>>010327.1)
>   kernel-image-2.2.18 (version c0103281) is to be installed.
> dpkg: error processing ../kernel-image-c0103281_i386.deb
> (--install):
>  conflicting packages - not installing kernel-image-2.2.18
> Errors were encountered while processing:
>  ../kernel-image-2.2.18_c0103281_i386.deb
the pcmica-modules-2.2.18 package is supposed to correspond to a
kernel-image-2.2.18 package, that is you should recompile the pcmcia
modules everytime you recompile your kernel. It's the same if you don't
compile your kernel 'a la Debian'.
It should explain somewhere in the doc, but I can't remember where.

Sébastien KALT <ustilago@bigfoot.com>

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