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Re: Help: Dell Inspiron 5000e X-Windows

also sprach Yang Shouxun (on Fri, 02 Mar 2001 07:58:59AM +0800):
> Thanks, this trick does it.  Probably Debian GNU/Linux can adopt the 
> same strategy as used in Red Hat and ask the user whether to boot the 
> system in X-windows mode or not, even when the X-windows works.

Not that this is part of the debian policy actually, but it is custom
to use runlevel 3 as the X runlevel, and 2 as the console runlevel. so
the xdm link should only exist in the rc3.d directory as S99xdm
whereas it should exist as K01xdm in the other 5 rc?.d directories.

Now you can manipulate the line containing "initdefault" in
/etc/inittab to control which runlevel to boot into, or use the

init 3

command to switch to runlevel 3 on the fly (be careful with that if
it's a multiuser system).

if you are mildly confused by the /etc/rc?.d SystemV hierarchy mess, i
recommend you try out the filerc package - it replaces the whole
hierarchy with a single file: /etc/runlevel.conf. and if you don't
like it, uninstalling filerc will convert that file back to the SysV

thank god for filerc!


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