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Re: PCMCIA routing

* tom <tallison@telocity.com> [010320 02:20]:
> I don't want a default gateway on this interface, but I need a
> gateway defined for the network

I think you need a network route to, not a gateway (please,
take a look at the Net-Howto, section 5.7 about Routing, to see the

> I'll go back and review it again.  But when I had no GATEWAY
> defined and a NETWORK defined, I got the wrong routing table.

I don't see why. I wish to see the output of "netstat -rn" before and
after the card insertion (and your /etc/pcmcia/network.opts).

> Part of the problem is that I already have a default gateway
> defined on another interface on this machine.
> This particular box is not an end computer but a router box
> between four networks.  One of them being a Wireless network -
> hence the pcmcia configuration.

I don't see any problem with this (I need more information: interfaces,
networks, default gateway, and how do you config this...).


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