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Re: ailing gpm - tp380ED

Manfred Wassmann wrote:

> [...] the problem is with PS/2
> and other bus mice only. With such a mouse you still have to use the
> repeater mode or kill gpm before starting X because the mouse device can
> only be opened by one process at a time.

An interesting theory, but both my laptop (tp600e running potato) and my
home system (hand-rolled athlon box running sid) stand as
counter-examples.  Both have PS/2 mice, both use gpm and X without any
repeater and without any conflicts or problems.

I've been curious about the gpm vs. X problems for a long time, since
I've heard many people report these problems, but I've never seen any
problems on any of a dozen boxes I've set up over the years.  I still
have no concrete ideas about what causes such problems, but I can assure
you that it's not as simple as you seem to think.  The only conclusion
I've been able to come to is that things work fine except when they

Chris Waters, Systems Engineer, Critical Path, Inc.
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