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first experiences and problems

hello. i thought i'd continue to post my first experiences on installing
debian on my notebook and the problems i ran into, because it is certainly a
lot easier with all your kind help...and apart from that i think it might be
useful to others. so, in case you think i am wasting your time and
disk-space please tell me and i'll stop right away, promise!

my pcmcia ethernet card did not work at first because, for some reason the
network is initialised prior to pcmcia support in my start-routine. so
basically the script /etc/init.d/networking restart does the job (provided
pcmcia support is installed of course).

coming from suse i am exploring dselect and apt right now and...wow.

still, some problems left:

sound! the sony vaio pcg-sr1k comes with a yamaha ds-xg. under suse the alsa
drivers worked out of the box (alsaconf automatically detected the sound
card) so far i couldn't get it to work under debian though, but i haven't
really looked into it yet.

usb-support: i am using an usb mouse, in my old XF86Config i had this

Section "XInput"
    SubSection    "Mouse"
        Port           "/dev/USB mouse"
        Protocol    "IMPS/2"
        Device        "/dev/USB mouse"
        Buttons       5
        ZAxisMapping    5 4

however this doesn't work under debian even though i activated usb support
during the installation. does anyone know how to solve this problem? the
touchpad is okay but it does get tedious after a while!

thanks all!


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