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Re: Compaq Laptops and their Hard Drives

On 19 Mar 2001, Roger Shaffer wrote:
> So, has anyone had success installing Linux on a Compaq laptop?  If so,
> how did you overcome the partition issue?
have you been playing with that *evil* option LBA in the BIOS again?  If
so then nasty stuff starts to happen.  Leave it either off or on, but
then *never* change it again.  Whilst you are in the BIOS turn off PNP OS.

If you still run into problems type (as root) in a console (in the debian
install screen press Ctrl-Alt-F2)

fdisk /dev/hda

then delete *everything*, return to the debian install menu (Ctrl-Alt-F1)
and continue as normal.  Hopefully that will work :)


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