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2.4/sid on toshiba satellite

Hello all,
 I have 2.2.17/sid running pretty well on my Toshiba Satellite Pro 4300
laptop minus sound and modem support (yamaha pci sound, lucent winmodem). I
tried to install the 2.4.2 kernel because I know that it supports my sound
card. However, after I load the kernal nothing works because the kernel
detects several devices on IRQ 11. In the BIOS IRQ 11 is used for the PCI
bus and I am not able to change that (crappy BIOS :-(  ) why would 2.2.17
work fine with the PCI BUS and 2.4.2 freak out and not find my devices? It
actually finds the yamaha sound card but complains about IRQ use. Thanks.

- Joel Dudley

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