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Compaq ArmadaE500 and the USB port


I have the above listed laptop running debian 2.2, upgraded to kernel 2.4.2
with kde 2.11.  I'm unable to get the USB port to work correctly.  I have
compiled as bothe modules and kernel based.  I can plug in my usb mouse, and
I see in /var/log/messages that the kesington mouse is identified correctly,
but I cannot get it to work in X.  Likewise, I can boot 2.2.18, and get the
usb port to work just fine.

I have tried UHCI and UHCI JE.  OHCI does not work at all.  I have been
reading kerenel docs, and linux-usb.org.  I have also noticed that as I keep
trying to fix this, I'm no longer compiling modules.  (no files in
/lib/modules/usb).  The USB port is id'd in /proc/pci. not /proc/usb  Anyone
see this before?


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