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Switching keys around

I have a Toshiba Satellite 2545CDS that isbarely clinging to life at the
moment. It actually did die a week or so back, but a sautering iron and
and a grandfather who used to build radios as a hobby have brought it
back to life. (Yay! :) )

While the laptop was unavailable, I switched to a readily available
desktop which had a 104-key keyboard. While I was on it I learned of how
the heretofore previously highly unnifty Windows keys could be made
nifty by essentially defining them as meta keys. I used this to great
advantage in my operating environment (the Sawfish window manager
*rules*, btw. :) ) and there was much rejoycing.

I'd love to be able to do that with the laptop, but there's a minor
complication - the two keys are way up in the upper-right hand corner of
the 2545CDS's keyboard, and are thus inconvenient for meta usage.

However, the Insert and Delete keys are right where you would expect
meta keys to be, and I don't use them often enough to justify such a

So, my questions are twofold:

1) How can I swap the Window and Menu windows keys with the Insert and
Delete keys under X? (or, How can I set it up such that the Insert key
tells X that the Meta key has been pressed, the Window (Meta) key tells
X that the Insert key has been pressed, that the Delete key tells X that
another meta key (let's say Hyper) has been pressed, and that the Menu
(Hyper) key tells X that the Delete key has been pressed?)
2) How can I do the same under the Linux console? (Is it possible?)

Thanks in advance for any help. :)

/"\ Joanne Rosemary Hunter 
\ / (jrhunter.at@at.menagerie.DOT.tf) {http://menagerie.tf/~jrhunter}
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       -Gary Larson

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