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Re: apm

"steven k. thompson" wrote:
> [...] Any way to get hibernation
> back that anyone knows of?

Depends on the BIOS.  If your machine has a Phoenix NoteBIOS, lphdisk
(available from a Deb archive near you) will format a partition (which
must be number 4, i.e., probably /dev/hda4) in the right way.  Check the
boot messages from the BIOS (mine said something along the lines of
``can't find anywhere to suspend to, disabling this feature'' on boot
without the relevant partition) to diagnose the problem.

Apparently you can also suspend to a file in a FAT<something> partition,
but I don't know how to do this, since I got rid of any trace of FAT on
my system.  Perhaps the BIOS/machine docs tell you how to do this?



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