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Re: x configuration on sony vaio

> hello. i just installed debian 2.2 on my sony vaio pcg-sr1k. installation
> was succesful and i can boot with lilo without any problems. i haven't been
> able to set up x though. i used to have suse7 on this computer and i've kept
> the config file. back then i used the command-line program xf86config to
> set-up x, but that program is not to be found on my debian cd and i haven't
> been able to install my pcmcia-ethernet-card yet (i am still new to linux
> and i do miss yast a lot! ;-) so basically what i would like to do is:

For the ethercard: you want to install the pcmcia-cs package, and the 
pcmcia-modules that match your kernel.

As you're new to debian, you may not be aware of apt; the above card services
install, ought to be 
	apt-get install pcmcia-cs

which isn't too bad...

aptitude, or console-apt, are curses based front ends for apt (with slightly
different original intent) - so they might feel more comfortable for you.
Not sure if aptitude will be on your CD.  The only place I've ever gotten 
console-apt is from the net tho.

(I'm a SuSE user too, just not on my laptop.)

> -configure x manually (or alternatively get xf86config for debian): i've got
> a XF86Config that works with my notebook...is it enough to put it into /etc
> and do startx, or do i have to do something else first? and are there any
> special packages i need to install in order to run x?

put your good XF86Config into /etc/X11/

edit the text file /etc/X11/Xserver so the top line mentions your server -
it might say none...

hopefully you have the right X packages installed - the critical minimum
here is the actual server you need, for example, xserver-svga, and at least
one window manager package, for example, fvwm.

> -install my pcmcia-ethernet card...how does that work? i am lost!

Your /lib/modules should contain a directory matching your running kernel.
Under that there should be a bunch of subdirs for different types of parts.
If one of those subdirs isn't pcmcia, then you need to get those extra

(assuming 2.2.17 is the kernel version you've got - I dunno, you have to look)
	apt-get install pcmcia-modules-2.2.17

The card services and the modules together should be enough.  You probably
don't even have to reboot.

> right, i hope those are not terribly stupid questions, but as i said...i'm
> still getting to know linux and slowly realising that suse's yast did most
> of the installation for me last time ;-)
> thanks in advance!
> best,
> -amael

Welcome to debian, amael!

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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