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Re: Toshiba and Macintosh !

>>>>> "Net" == Net Shu <shu@ms5.url.com.tw> writes:

Net> Question 2: "Are You out of your mind....?" an old friend said this
Net> to Me!

Net>     Recently, I got two very old Macintosh computer, one is "Power
Net> Book 520" with only one floppy, gray scale LCD monitor, but luckily
Net> have Ether Talk connector, another one is "Class II", as You know,
Net> the kind of a box combine everything, includes a black and white
Net> CRT monitor, I'm sure, both of the Mac is still working fine with
Net> OS they still installed, but it is Mac OS.  I 'd like to "TRY" to
Net> install debian on it :-) "Are You out of your mind....?", this is
Net> the last words I got it from the old friend who give them to Me!

I believe they would both be M68k-based processors, so if you ask on the
m68k mailing list (sorry, I don't know the exact name, but probably
would be debian-m68k), you'd get more help.

I seem to recall someone on this list using a PowerBook, but I think it
was PowerPC-based.

I wish I had an old Mac to install Linux on.  I think it would be fun to
try.  :-)


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