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Re: TrackPoint cursor problem

On Tue, Mar 27, 2001 at 07:18:13PM -0100, Aleksandar B. Samardzic wrote:
> Just installed Debian 2.2r2 to my Thinkpad 600E; however, TrackPoint cursor
> is invisible. I first had to manually add link /dev/mouse to /dev/psaux in
> order to be able to start X, but now there is no cursor. I'm able to move 
> Trackpoint (when I move it and righ-click, menu appears on different place),
> however cursor is invisible. Any idea? Everything worked fine with RH 7.0.

check if gpm is running. if it is, do a "gpm -k" as root while in x and
see if things change. i have a thinkpad x20 and had problems with the
cursor under X and this kludge seemed to fix things. if it works then
you may want to consider some scripts to keep gpm up while in console
mode but down while in X. 

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